Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Year's resolutions.

Last year I made a New Year's resolution which I actually managed to keep. I did Project 365, which is to take a photo every day to represent what you did that day, or something relevant from that day, to create a visual diary of sorts. I took around 300 photos, which I count as a success. I'm so glad I did it as now I have a lovely set of photos for posterity. As a result I am setting myself several resolutions this year.

1. Keep up this blog.
Seeing as I haven't updated this blog since I left Santiago for Christmas, this seems to be faltering already. Admittedly, I'm reaching the tail end (aka exam and essay filled end) of the semester here so it really isn't as interesting. Once exams are over I have time at home, and then I will be going to Japan, which is something that I will definitely want to document regularly. So I think I will set myself a target of about 2 posts a week.

2. Set up an Etsy shop
This is something I have planned to do for a while to sell the things that I crochet. I have sold on Etsy before so I know what I am dealing with, I just need to have some free time when I can set everything up. Being abroad doesn't really help, and I don't entirely understand the postal system here, so I think this will be something I aim to do when I'm back home, either in February, or perhaps later in July/August.

3. Eat better and take up some new exercise
I have to include a clich├ęd resolution, surely?! I will continue keeping a food diary and learn what foods make me feel unwell (hello, dairy). I would also like to take up some kind of regular exercise that isn't too hard on my joints like swimming or yoga.

So those are my main and realistic resolutions for this year. Hopefully I can keep these up for at least a good portion of the year ^_^

Christmas at home.

The Christmas holidays were lovely.

The 2 hour flight and the 4.5 hour train and tube hopping to get home wasn't as bad as I expected, and I even ended up playing Monopoly on the flight on someone's iPad. The wonders of technology.

On Christmas Day we had our usual mini-cereal breakfast. We opened presents and I got some lovely things. Then we had our lunch, which was a leeky-pinenutty-bluecheesy-artichokey lattice with the usual veg which was omnomnom, and which proved that you don't have to have meat to enjoy Christmas dinner ^_~

I played with Charlie a lot, who soon after Christmas became enamoured with a plastic bag and, as far as I know, is still jumping into it madly and rolling around.

I also got to meet up with old school friends and of course, see family.

As much as I am enjoying the experience of being in Santiago, I also can't wait to be back home again so I can relax and get ready for going to Japan. I just have the matter of my last few lectures and exams to deal with...