Friday, 17 February 2012


On Thursday I went out to Babel, a bar here in the old town. It's on two levels, with seating and a bar upstairs and then a performance area down in the basement. We went to see a three piece band perform. They did covers of Cat Stevens and Bob Marley amongst others and they were really nice. We danced away until the end of the set, caipiroska (a caipirinha with vodka) in hand and then wandered to another (not-so-good) place before I decided to go home. 

Going out can be a tiring experience here; a tactical mid-afternoon nap is usually required. The band didn't start playing until 11. Most clubs don't get going until 3-4 in the morning. It's curious how different that is to the UK. It's little things like that which make you appreciate the subtleties of every country. That's the lovely thing about travel, learning and experiencing all these things.

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