Sunday, 15 July 2012

University food.

One of my favourite things about Dokkyo is its cafeteria. It's a massive dining hall where they serve up mostly hot food for very low prices; everything on the regular menu is up to 400 yen, about £3.20.

They do a range of Japanese dishes such as curry, donburi (rice and egg with toppings), salads, noodles. One of the most cost effective meals is the Dokkyo Lunch, which is rice, lettuce, some meat and vegetables and a side dish which changes (korokke, spring roll, fish), for only 260 yen o_o .There is also the 'event menu' which changes by day. It's usually 400 yen and something which is different to the usual things on offer.

One of the event menus I had was 'Olympics' themed (this meant nothing). It was a chicken katsu dish with rice and tomato sauce. Tomatoes are pricey here so the opportunity to have tomato is a tasty one. Another time I had spicy korean rice, with tomato and cheese (another commodity).

A korokke donburi (note the generous serving of peas) and a curry:

Despite the scarcity of vegetables in the dishes, they are yummy and filling and so so cheap and I am going to miss having something like this right next to lectures.

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