Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another visit.

I was lucky enough earlier this month to have another visit, this time by my dad which was slightly more expected ^_~. We visited the cathedral, wandered round the shops, and I managed to put myself off coffee for a while when I drank an espresso and promptly felt quite sick. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as when Dan visited, but we still took a trip to A Coruña, which is on the Northern coast. It's actually really convenient to get to, about a 30 minute train ride. Spanish trains are much nicer than I expected and for some reason tell you what speed you're going at throughout the journey, which I think they do in Italy too... not quite sure why.

When we got to the coast we could see there were people surfing in the water. Surfing in the Atlantic in winter. Sigh.

We walked (for a very, very long time) around the sea front and got to the Torre de Hércules, which is the oldest working Roman lighthouse. At this point the weather was getting horrendous so we hopped on a bus back and then had some lunch whilst watching the Davis Cup final in a café. Handily Spain were in said final.

I really want to do more travelling around the area, but I am aware time is slipping away ~  I'm back home in a few days for Christmas, and then it's just weeks until I finish up here. I will however, have a week or so free in February after exams in which I will probably take advantage of the trains again. Vigo and/or Portugal are on my list.

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