Sunday, 18 December 2011

An unexpected visit.

Between the 11th and the 14th of November I had a lovely visit from my boyfriend Dan. It was unexpected in that we discussed it and he booked it two days before the flight. Cue intense anxiety at the booking, as I am the kind of person who checks an email over 10 times before sending it and I take 5 minutes to post a letter in the letter box:

Did I put the stamp on? *check* Yep. Is it on properly? *prod* Yeees. Did I write the address right? Is it clear? Okay. Putting it in the slot... only let go at the last possible moment... okay. Did it go in properly? What if it got stuck!?...

Two days later, and just an hour late due to fog, he was here and it was all a bit surreal. In the next few days we walked around the city, seeing some of the sights. We went to O Elefante, a vegetarian bar and my favourite place here, to have delicious cocktails and free food (Yes, you get free snacks with your drinks here. It's quite awesome). We drank fancy Spanish hot chocolate in Valor and we walked through one of the numerous parks here. We played on the free gym equipment there and took photos next to statues. We drank Spanish cider (sweet sweet sweet) and ate tapas in the Zona Vieja.  All in all it was an amazing visit and I was not the happiest person when he had to leave, particularly as we won't see each other again until April at the earliest.

But looking on the positive side, I think showing someone around a city does help you appreciate where you are more. It's just a shame the rainy and windy weather has kicked in so strongly now which makes me want to hibernate. I ventured out this week with a skirt on, and this is just a terrible mistake. I ended up walking home looking like a dishevelled Marilyn Monroe with a carrier bag.

Dan with Valle-Inclán.

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