Sunday, 18 December 2011

The library.

I registered for the public library soon after I got here maainly to take advantage of the DVD collection they have. And to study classic Spanish literature, of course. This is yet another opportunity for them to stick a photo of you on something. When I went to get my ID photos taken, there was an offer for 18 photos, and I thought that was a bit excessive. I now think differently.

The library is pretty large and they allow you to take out 3 DVDs for free for a week. Most of the DVDs have Spanish dub included on them. I don't like dubbing, because they always seem to pick someone who sounds absolutely nothing like the original actor, but it is kind of educational, I guess... I do tend to stick to subtitles, though.

One of my first selections for viewing pleasure study was Up in the Air with George Clooney. I've seen it before and I do enjoy and recommend it, plus it has a good soundtrack. Here is one of my favourites ^_^

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